Project Description

New Sewer Connection

CGS Contractors were contracted by Glanville Environmental to create a new sewer connection for Glanville Environmental as part of an ongoing contract with Southwest Water.

Our skilled team followed the BS 8301:1985 code of practice for installing sewer drainage working closely with the client to complete the contract to time and the maximum quality. We excavated the trenches using an excavator and by hand shoring up the deep drainage trenches and stockpiling the spoil close by for reuse. The team then installed the drainage pipes and manholes with the benching requirements for sewers being adhered to throughout. CGS Contractors covered the pipework with pea-gravel and backfilled the trenches to gain the correct heights for reinstatement.

The job was turfed to finish for reinstatement with the client happy with the end results and occupants of the homes delighted with CGS Contractors.

CGS has expanded our civil engineering, drainage and utility services over the last 3 years to offer this work across Cornwall and Devon working with both commercial and residential customers with an expansive knowledge of this work. Our operatives deliver the highest standard of work with no job being to complex for our expanding civils section and our team has an in-depth knowledge of this sector

Project Details


Glanville Environmental


Plymouth, Devon