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Godolphin Estate Project

The Godolphin Estate is a National Trust property situated in Godolphin Cross, the Estate is the former seat of the Dukes of Leeds and the Earls of Godolphin. It contains a Grade 1 listed Tudor/Stuart mansion, complete with early formal gardens (dating from circa 1500) and Elizabethan stables (circa 1600). The present house is a remnant of a larger mansion. Our employees had been contracted in on the behalf of St Aubyns Estates to remove a tree stump from the gardens of the listed property and turf the areas that had been damaged during the tree stump removal. This job had to be carried out in a careful manner to ensure that no damage was done to any of the listed walls on site, and we had to leave the area to fit back with the estates setting.

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Godolphin Estate

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