CGS Contractors have noticed a huge increase in demand for geotextile grid parking in Cornwall and Devon lately. With public spaces being stretched within the UK it is vital for sites to maximize the parking available.

Car parks present a range of issues for sites and can fast become unattractive. Geotextile grid parking is used by notable establishments such as National Trust and English Heritage sites across the UK to ensure the best possible solution to over-spill car parking. This can also be used as an alternative to hard-standing parking methods like tarmac or brick paving. This solution can be adapted to allow for any kind of traffic flow ranging from low traffic through to HGV’s, already being widely used within the UK.

  • Already an established and widely used method.
  • The product can be adapted to create the best finish.
  • Hard standing heavy duty products.
  • Instant aesthetics can be chosen.
  • Free technical Information on request.

Geotextile Grid Parking Before Turf

Geotextile Grid Parking After Turf

Gallery Of Geotextile Grid Parking in Cornwall and Devon Projects

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