Garden Maintenance Contractors in cornwall

Do you need regular garden maintenance contractors at your property?

CGS Contractors are a local growing company in the southwest of England who would like to remind you that we carry out garden maintenance contracts across the region and believe that this opportunity could benefit your business. We have an experienced team of gardeners who have been working on a range of garden maintenance contracts from private works to commercial upkeep in this region for over 23 years. Over those years we have held long lasting relationships with notable clients, from countrywide stores to the mount haven hotel using our in-house knowledge and facilities to be able to handle any task asked of our company. Our garden maintenance contractors are skilled in maintaining housing developments, new builds and holiday cottages having an impressive résumé to prove this. We have long standing contracts with councils and are often employed to deal with the overflow of work by some of the councils in Cornwall as well as having routine contracts in grass maintenance. Another large part of our private maintenance contract work is for second homes, retired and semi-retired personal a market that we feel like we could help you with. We believe that with a CV like this, we could reliably create a lasting relationship with your company should you choose to have maintenance done by us.

  • We have experienced teams for garden maintenance with 23 years of company knowledge!

  • We have a professional dedicated office team to manage our maintenance contract team and new startup contracts, working to ensure that everything is done to the highest level!

  • We have the machinery and skill for any garden of any size!

  • We have the ability to take care of all your gardening needs, saving you time and worry- with you keeping all your services within one reliable company!

We Can Help Your Business

Here at CGS we have a range of tools at our disposal for the upkeep and garden maintenance having the ability to send out 3 teams to meet the demands asked of our company during busy periods. The machinery we have on offer has grown with our company, as much as the knowledge, accommodating for commercial and private works ranging from ride on lawnmowers, varied size lawnmowers, strimmer’s, hedge trimmers, pole trimmers and a range of hand tools suitable for any garden’s needs. We have a team of qualified sprayers who are often booked in with various companies for small and large-scale spraying jobs. Our operatives are issued with the appropriate PPE and comply with the standards of the largest companies through to council work with CGS treating health and safety with the highest importance.

We are offering you the opportunity to use our company as part of your company and we assure you that our reliable service will not let you down. We offer a free quoting service and ensure that we will give you the best price possible for your gardening needs. Furthermore, this chance is something that we would like you to consider due to the benefits that can be felt by your company from employing us to take care of all your maintenance needs.