Whenever a customer has contact with CGS Contractors they will receive a consistently high standard of customer service ensuring all sections of the community are able to access our services. CGS Contractors is committed to ensuring that excellent customer service forms an integral part of the planning, resourcing, and delivery of the services provided. As an Organisation, CGS Contractors will be:

  • Helpful and courteous in delivering a high quality service.
  • Professional and positive in approach, taking pride in all undertakings.
  • Well informed in order to meet customers’ expectations.
  • Effective in listening and responding to customers who express dissatisfaction or complain.
  • Fair and equitable towards individuals and communities with differing needs. Employees of BCS will
  • Deal with customers honestly, fairly and politely.
  • Be trustworthy and reliable and respect confidentiality.
  • Consider the customer’s needs and environment and provide the appropriate care.
  • Be on time for appointments and respond quickly and in a helpful manner.
  • Arrive, and finish at priorly agreed times.
  • Look professional, wearing the appropriate clothing, which is clean and presentable.
  • Always be efficient and effective ensuring best value for the customer.
  • Always deliver what they have committed to with minimum disruption.
  • Meet our deadlines and keep the customer informed of progress.
  • When we cannot provide exactly what someone wants, be innovative and suggest alternatives.
  • Apologise if things go wrong and do our best to put things right.
  • Listen to feedback, act on it and respond accordingly.


Our management team brings together well over 20 years experience in the landscape maintenance industry.  Our successful work methods are always influenced by a desire to provide the highest possible quality of service to our customers – no matter how big, or small, they are.

This Policy will be reviewed annually.

Reviewed by L D McFadden

Dated: 10th September 2017

The customer care policy is authorised by owner T.N. McFadden as an up to date requirement for the employees in the business to maintain. It ensures that the company can assure on the customers protection during works and allows a clear guidance for employees to follow.